Livestrong Spin Bike Reviews

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Livestrong Spin Bike

Livestrong Spin Bike

Livestrong currently has two of the best spin bikes on the market, the limited edition flagship Live Strong LS28ic and the more affordable Livestrong LS9.9ic. The sping bikes by Livestrong are the only two options if their LS7.0b recumbent bike isn’t your cup of tea.

Unlike other spin style bikes manufacturers, Livestrong has chosen wisely to only make two health club style models that are both worthy of their name, and not put out inferior products to hit some magical industry “price point” that fits into Costco and Walmart’s value structure.

Both the LS28ic and the LS9.9ic will make a fine cardio companion for home workouts but there are some key differences that you should be aware of before you make your investment.

Differences Between the Livestrong LS28ic and LS9.9ic Spin Bikes

For the most part the two spinning bikes share the same club quality components including a kevlar drive belt, 40 pound flywheel, air ride saddle, dual sided pedals and a 290 pound user weight limit.

What really separates the Limited Edition LS28ic from the LS9.9ic are three specific upgrades that are worth noting:

  • (upgrade #1) – Micro Adjustable Fore & Aft Handlebars: To get your riding position dialed in just right, having handlebars that you can slide towards or away from you can make a big difference on longer rides and reduces arm and back fatigue.
  • (upgrade #2) – Drop Handlebars: If you’re really into road cycling and love the feeling of tucking down and really blasting your legs this is a must have option.
  • (upgrade #3) – Telemetric Heart Rate Strap: Tracking your workout heart rate on a ride or doing intervals is one of the most effective means of training. You can add this option by purchasing your own Polar heart rate monitor and strap but it will cost you more.

Even though the LS28ic has the three upgrades over the LS9.9ic I don’t any of them should be considered a deal killer. You just have to decide if not having the drop bars with micro adjustment and the telemetric heart rate are worth a couple hundred bucks to you.

If they’re not, get the Livestrong LS9.9ic and start pedaling away to your hearts content…


Livestong LS28ic Spin Bike
Limited edition version of the LS9.9ic with key health club style upgrades over the LS9.9ic that include…

  • micro adjustable handlebars fore & aft
  • drop handlebars
  • telemetric heart rate strap
  • zinc oxcide coated frame
  • 10 year frame warranty

Livestrong LS9.9ic
The LS9.9ic is the same basic bike as the limited edition LS28ic and shares the following high-end components including…

  • 40 pound flywheel
  • 290 lb. user weight limit
  • kevlar drive belt
  • air ride saddle
  • dual sided aluminum pedals
  • console w/ rpm, time, distance

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